Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's H&M :-)

Hennes & Mauritz

Interestingly enough, this dress was the topic of conversation when I published a picture earlier on this week wearing it. 
I'm always glad to share, so I thought I'd post it on the blog for all of u too.
The dress is an H&M dress that I bought in Oslo, Norway,  
late last year:-)
I adore H&M and have been shopping there ever since I was in high school.
They're always on trend, budget friendly and great quality, 
so what more could I ask for:? 
Smiling again. 
 I changed my hairstyle, b'cos as usual,  always get bored. 
This is actually a wig and very Cleopatra-esk.
I thought it was a perfect fit to go with the Royal purple 
since I didn't have a crown lying around,
 she laughs. 
The above pic was taken in the elevator of my building. 
 The jewelry (Necklace & bracelet)
 is by famed American jewelry designer, Robert lee Morris.
The lipstick is by Tom Ford which I adore,  & it's called Wet Velvet.
 I decided to wear a pair of falsies, these lashes are by 
House of Lashes. 
These ones are called Noir Fairy in Blk. 
 My sandals are by Tory Burch and I love, adore, love them.
 I bought them in Miami & they're so 
super-comfotable that I could wear them all day! 
I love dresses like this for a couple of reasons.
1) I'm very curvy so if it fits at my hips it's big at my waist.
2) It clings to my figure and really shows it off more than trousers or skirts.
3) Comfort, comfort, comfort! No zips, buttons or belts 2 deal with, and therefor, no tugging or pulling.
4) As a television presenter and event host, you want to be stylish but not take any attention away from your subject and so dresses like this, are real 'must-have'.
5) The colour is just 'WOW' One of the most beautiful purples I've ever had on anything I own. 

 Nail polish is by Essie and the colour is called blanc. 
This picture made me smile. 
It wasn't posey & it was the first breeze of Autumn that I felt on me. 
New seasons means, new things, new goals and yes, new clothes. 
Maybe that's why I'm smiling after-all.