Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Right out of the Blue....

.......I got an invitation to go come to my old high school reunion!
Talk about speechless and shocked but also pleasantly surprised.
It was a BLAST from my past 
The event was taking place outside London so this was how I got dressed for the trip! :-)
I love, love, looooove color. 

Lips - A beautiful mauve/purple lipstick by sleek cosmetics.
Necklace by Marni 4 H&M.
Earrings - from Lagos, Nigeria.

White shirt - Ralph Lauren
White ring - Bought @ African fashion wk London
Gold belt - Guess
Electric blue jeans - Ralph Lauren
Tan Sandals - Micael Kors
Blue epi bag - Louis Vuitton
Midi Rings - TopShop
Pink Nail Polish - Miss Sporty, quick dry. (No time 2 wait:-)

I've said it b4,  & I'll say it again, 
ACCESSORIES bring any outfit ALIVE.