Wednesday, October 2, 2013



It's one of my all time favorite exercises to do.
I feel so free and ever part of my body gets a 
work out.
It's the only sport that can save your life and is one if the first sports that's recommended to be taught to children.

This was at the Hilton Watford Hotel. 
We had traveled outside London to attend a party and decided that after too many drinks, it would be wise to check in for the night.
I decided to make good use of the pool the following day before we left. :-)
Swimsuit - Adidas
I remember the good old days, when every Sunday after Church, my family would go to Ikoyi Club (Lagos, Nigeria) and have an absolute blast.
We would Swim 4 hours, eat Suya (Barbecued meat on a stick)
and watching movies in the garden. 
When I go swimming today, I always go back and think of those wonderful memories.