Monday, October 14, 2013


There's just something about Animal Print & the colour Red.
Animal print is GRRRRR
And the color RED, is pure fire, 
so it a wonderful marriage for both......
B'cos it's full of fire. 
I've always like dressing up when I travel, it was the way I was brought up and I just feel that although comfortable, there are other options out there than a pair of jeans.
Throw a bright red sweater over this dress and u are good to go.
Again a belt will always do the trick. I also seem to stand up straighter when I'm wearing a belt. 
Open toe sandals a SUPER for traveling, b'cos your feet swell from the looooong hours of traveling and so closed-toe shoes can be a pain, literally. She laughs, but it really isn't funny as I'm speaking from experience.
You can always kick off your heels once you're seated, put your hair up and nestle in to read all your magazines.
But when u arrive @ your final destination,....... 
You're the BEST looking CHICK for miles & whoever is coming to pick u up, will be beaming with pride.  
The Look!
Dress - Primark
Watch - Gucci
Necklace - Vintage
Earrings - Accessorize
Red Top - Whistles
Bag - Prada
Luggage - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Zara
Accessories always make an outfit and it brings it together with the finger print of your own style. That's what accessories do, they show off your individual style. 

Pony tail situation!
Was a FAKE ponytail and I loved it.
 It matched me hair color to a T .
As I was walking I could hear my hair go swish, swish. 
(Very Diana Ross & Donna Summer)
Well if I cannot be a Songstress, at least let me have the hair
I cannot tell u how many people stopped to give me compliments on it. So easy, so fab and a really clean look. 

Victoria Station
As u can see above, we shot this at one of the most popular  stations in London.
I love this place, the hustle and bustle, people coming and going.
Looooooove it!
It's Autumn/fall now and there's no better time than to wear all of your rich dark and jewel tone lipsticks.
I loved dark lips and since the outfit is so bright and inviting like a Christmas present, u can let the ribbons be dark, in this case almost black, juicy, creamy lips. 
The lipstick is from Fashion Fair cosmetics.
I never like rules and the one rule that I completely ignore is that 
"you cannot wear dark lips with dark eyes" 
Oh yes u can, I say!
The red bag is by Prada and it's so nice and roomy. 
I can and have put in all my drinks, snacks make-up and travel essentials in there. Had I known, I would love/use it so much, I would have bought another one in a different colour. 
You can NEVER go wrong with hand luggage, there R so many trips I take where I just carry all my valuables &/or  just don't feel like checking in my luggage.
 I can leave the station/airport in no time at all, & more importantly, my luggage is not lost or stolen. 
Again I used my LV roll-on but u can use/buy any travel luggage u like. 
There are so many good brands out there!
I miss my father-in-law dearly and hope to go and see him soon in Norway. 
Wish me a safe trip! :-)
I hope u all enjoyed reading and looking at this 3-part picture story, as much as I enjoyed creating it.
It was such good fun & there will be many more to come.
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Love, light & fashion to u all.

As the Christmas holidays are coming up, I want to wish u all a safe trip, and pls travel in style.!

Location Manager - Photographer - Videographer