Friday, May 30, 2014


Out and about in Harrods :-)

Outfit of the day.
Dress - Ralph Lauren
Belt - Ralph Lauren 
Watch - Cartier
Earrings - Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos
Bag - Prada
Sneakers (not shown) - Nike

Photo-Credit @oledesaluvold



This beautiful hall got a lot of attention last week, (wink) and rightly so because if you've ever been there, then you know how spectacular it is. 
The Hall of Mirrors 
Inside The Château de Versailles. Last Summer in Paris, France. Photographer @oledesaluvold 

Monday, May 26, 2014


Dubai is a place you should visit at least once in your life, yes, it's that magnificent! And if you're going to do so, please look no further than the sensational
 Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach Hotel & Resort.
It's by far one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at and I intend to go there every time I visit Dubai from now on. For, me no other hotel exists and when you go, you'll understand what I mean. 
The service is exceptional and the staff is the absolute best.
Thank you so much to Loes Van Putten, Front Desk Manager for making our stay such an unforgettable experience. 

The front of the hotel. 
A beach-front view from our suite. 

As the doors were opened for us to our suite we were met with this wonderful bed decoration curtesy of the beautiful Leah Rubio who is the front office Supervisor at the hotel.
Leah was wonderful and really made our stay there unforgettable. 
Flowers & pretty.
This is the beautiful breakfast room where we enjoyed a variety of delisious & exotic fruits and other goodies in an open-plan buffet every morning. 
Breakfast was such a delight and it always started our day on a great note. :-)
PS: Do u see anybody familiar? 
Breakfast. :-)
Swim, eat, relax and enjoy .....we sure did. 
A little fashion for the boys. 
These swim shorts are from Vilebrequin.
They come in such fun colours and patterns. They also have a father/son combo which is super cute. 
Check them out. :-)

Having Fun :-)
In front of the swimming pool there's a beach cafe that spills out on to the beach.
So beautiful.
This is picture was taken from our room.
The king of the Castle.
The Beautiful wooden shaped buildings behind this gorgeous guy in red are actually bathrooms. 
One for the guys and the other for girls. 
Pic taken from our room. What a view! 
Beach time & fun in the sun. 
Sand castles.

Dubai at Night!
This was such fun, Ok, so there are these photo-booths all over the place where u can take pics of yourself and send it to anybody u like via email. As u can see below, we went a little crazy with it. 
Hi! Smiling & waving to u all. 
Dinner & drinks with friends. 
Sephora :-))))
The breathtaking view of The Burj Al Arab Hotel. 
A closer view of The Burj Al Arab Hotel. 
That's a good boy.
Will you take me on a ride? 
Here we go.....
.......this was sooooo much fun. You have to try it when u go. 

The Souk market is amazing, It's where you can get all kinds of beautiful authentic middle-eastern gold, clothing, spice/food & memorabilia to take home.  I completely fell in love with all the kaftans, one was more beautiful than the next. 
And all of this is REAL Gold! Jeez.
I thought these 'slipper' trays were really cool and wanted to take one home with us, but it was just too heavy. i.e. excess luggage. 
Outside Souk Madinant Jumeirah
The second I saw the ring, I HAD to have it. 
Tusen takk darling. xoxoxo
And yes, that's an iced coffee with whipped cream & chocolate! 
I simply couldn't resist. Thank God for kaftans, she laughs.

No explanation necessary, Shopping in Dubai is on another level.
There is absolutely NOTHING they don't have. 
My eyes POPPED every five minutes. It was sooooo much fun just looking at everything. Amaze-balls.
Respect the culture and their ways. Love it. :-))

The Dubai mall has 1200 stores and is the worlds LARGEST and world's most visited shopping mall.
It's impossible to go through the mall in a day, not even two or three days. 
Translation....heaven. :-)))

Everybody is happy, A man and his two wives shopping. 

Do u remember who wore this?......... 
....................Lupita N'yongo 
Lanvin accessories.
I couldn't find any of these in Harrods in London.

The diving water wall. Amaze!!
This was at the Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo inside the mall.
US. xoxo

The absolute breathtaking views of the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.
The hallways were so beautiful. 
It was absolutely clean, not a single thing on the floor.
Regardless of the fact that we were husband & wife, it is forbiden for men and women to touch each other inside the mosque.
Just look at these walls, the beauty took my breath away. 
As soon as we arrived the women are given Abaya's to wear once inside the mosque. I loved the whole experience. 
I wish I was allowed to take it home. 
When you're inside the mosque, out of respect, you leave all foot wear outside. 
The carpets were so soft. 

What's not to love....
The Red Dunes of the Hibab desert.
Our hotel, The Hilton Jumeirah arranged for us to go on a Safari in the desert as well as a date of dinner and dancing. 
In my harem pants and new arabian slippers. 
Henna hand painting at the desert camp.
Having fun, happy and loving everything. 
Trying new things, interesting and courageous.
Yummy :)
Full moon
Extraodinary, I wish u were there to see this.
Dancing Queen. 

Thank you Dubai, we'll definitely come back.

All pictures taken by @oledesaluvold

Some of the staff that took care of us during our stay.
A special thank you to the staff of The Dubai Jumeirah Hilton for your amazing hospitality. You made us feel at home and we've taken you with us in our hearts.