Tuesday, June 3, 2014



She SHONE bright like a diamond! 
She's ......
Great figure
And has confidence!!! Yes, she can wear this dress!
Rihanna being honored with the Fashion Icon Award at the Annual Council of Fashion Designers Awards last night in New York given to her by the all mighty Anna Wintour.
Rihanna was wearing a floor legnth gown made of over 320,00 Swarovski crystals by @adamselman Such a beautiful dress. I loved it, I just wish it had a flesh coloured sheath underneath. Had she worn a sheer sheath, then I would have added 'CLASS' to the list. And i truly believe that although this dress has gotten a lot of buzz it will not be remebered ten years from now at 'TIMELESS'. Then we could have all jumped up and said "Oooooooo! Very Diana Ross-esk" But alas, it was not to be.

 That's what Riri failed to acomplish this time around. And I don't blame her, I think her PR team and stylists should take this into consideration always. 
I know for a fact, She laughs, that Mz Wintour had no idea how Rihanna was going to show up last night!! ..And to pick up a Fashion Award of all awards! Yikes!
Anyway, ............... it's still a show-stopper. 
Rihanna holding her ' Fashion Icon Award" 
Bandana gone wrong!
Instead of tying the extra material like a head 
scarf, the designer could made a
lovely cap with elastic to hold it in place. 
That way, the back of her head would have looked 
elegant & she could have shown off her long neck.
(And her tatoos).
And that's wrap everybody!

See u next year!