Monday, July 28, 2014


Hermes on top of Hermes.

Look out for my next youtube upload THIS WEEK.
This episode, it's all about eyebrows!
My hair was a mess and I decided to get creative.
I love this combo, it's the first time I've ever worn an hermes scarf and shirt together. The funny thing is that they're completely different patterns but b'cos they're in the same colour family, it works! 
Hermes dune bois laque bracelet in lacqured orange sature blanc.

I'm having a great time editing videos for you. 
It's so much fun and my creative juices just overflow, but it can be a drag when you computer acts up or it just crashes! Yikes! It's happened to me already, so now I backup & save everything so I don't loose my work.
Above a clip form the upcoming video.
Smooches to all and have a great week everybody. :)))