Thursday, July 10, 2014



Today I dressed casual chic. 
I had meetings all day and couldn't be too casual. These Valentino kitten heels are great for walking all over London. SUPER comfortable and just the right amount of Glam for daytime.
The 'nate' necklace is my love, & is all the rave right now. After working for luxury goods companies including Calvin Klein, Christian Dior & Gucci, Diana Broussard started her own line under her name and has been an instant success!
My 'camel nate' absolutely goes with everything and completes any outfit. :-))
Valentiono Rock Studs & Diana Broussard "Nate" necklace. 
The necklaces come in a whole rainbow of colours and you can stack them up or wear them alone. The same goes for the Valentino's. They come in a higher heel, flats & sandals also in different colours. The Rock Stud collection has become one of Valentino's classics so it's a great investment. 
H watch - Hermes - can be found here
Skirt - H&M - can be found here
Bag - Louis Vuitton  Speedy Damier Azur- can be found here
Shoes - Valentino Rock Studded kitten heels - can be found here
I know this pic looks a little outta focus but I love it! Why? B'cos I've been thinking of cutting my hair and now I have a visual. Not sure when I'll take the plunge but at least I'll have a really good idea of what I'll look like. Plus when I do go short, I'm going to shape it up like Grace Jones for some extra edge!
Earrings are by Robert Lee Morris. 
I bought them in New York years ago, so I'm not sure if they'll still have them.
My beautiful, gorgeous & fab "Nate" necklace can be found here
I seldom wear any lip colour during the day. But this deep berry is not loud or overpowering at all. Just the right amount of 'GLAM'.
Lippy by Tom Ford called Wet Velvet. 
Sitting at my Vanity table. 
Can u see my tattoo? 
She laughs, it was a graduation present to myself many years ago. 
Alright folks, sending u lots of love as always & don't forget to follow me on
Bye. xoxo