Saturday, July 12, 2014


My 1st Diane Von Furstenberg dress.❤️❤️❤️
 I was 21 when my mother handed me down one of her old dresses that she'd worn in the Glamorous 70's. Interestingly enough & unbeknownst to me, it happened to be a DVF dress. At the time I didn't know what DVF mean't  all I knew was that looooooooved it right away! Just wrap it around and you're done! I wore it to my Graduation, have worn it to additions, on my 1st flight to New York, to a friend's wedding, on my honeymoon & on & on. The dress just came with me everywhere I went and I know why. It was the only dress that didn't care what size I was and still made me look & feel great. It was never too tight and through the years accommodated those extra 5 or 10 pounds & still screamed Viola! 
Never have to iron it, just roll it up & put in your suitcase. 
No matter what shape or figure, the DVF will always look good on u.
This one in the pic is my 18th DVF dress. (Yep, I collect them) Given to me as a gift from my adorable husband. 
Thank u Mama for showing me incredible and timeless style. 

On this occasion, I was off to church for my childhood friend's daughter's Christening. :)

Shoes from House of Celeb Boutique & can be found here.
Hat from Accessorize 
Earrings from Chanel boutique.
DVF dress can be found here.
There's nothing more dramatic than a Red lip.
This one is from Mac cosmetics and its called Ruby Woo. 

Photo Credit +Ole Vold