Friday, September 26, 2014


Flash-Back-Friday A SWIM CHAMPION My flash-back-Friday is my hero and husband @oledesaluvold
Many of you know him as my husband who is the creative genius behind my make-up photos, my YouTube channel & my partner in crime. But he's so much more than that and you'll surprised to know that photography is only his hobby, a hobby that he's had since he was a 12 year old boy. He's actual career is information & technology he and works for one of the biggest companies in Norway, EVRY.
Ole Desalu-Vold who is born to a Norwegian father & a Scottish mother, is a former National Swim Champion for Norway and a National Team member who has WON over 200 GOLD medals for his country! 
He was also the Team Captain at his his University of Iowa swim team!
He's my hero, a man of few words, Norway beams with pride for what Ole has achieved for his country and so do I.
In all of my years on this earth, I've NEVER known a man to love a woman, the way Ole loves me.

When we got married, and I took his name (VOLD), he thought it was only fair to take mine too, (DESALU) and so we are known as Mr & Mrs Desalu-Vold and we changed the names in our passports and all our identifications to make it so. And my father blessed him with his middle name AdeKayod. This is the kind of man, Ole is. 

I wanted to share with you the man you see me TAG on all of my photos & videos, behind the scenes and by my side.