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Hello my lovies! 
Here are the wardrobe details from your highly requested episode on my YT channel. 
Outfits that will carry you from Monday through Friday and the following week too!
Your capsule collection of everyday professional outfits.
Separates that can turn into 5 extra outfits & expand your work week wardrobe. 
Affordable alternatives and budget friendly but still very stylish, classy & timeless.  
Image is a powerful tool that relies on appearance, specifically dress and grooming. Projecting executive presence and the right impression improves both stature and reputation, with increased confidence as a byproduct. 
Don't be fooled ladies, you're absolutely SIZED up on the way you look and dress way before you open your mouth. 
The way you look will determine if you get through the door! That's the very first bus stop.
What to wear to work everyday is an issue for most women. 
We have to deal with our shape, budget, size, style, colours and it goes on and on. 
That's why I really thought this through and I'm really happy that I'm not model thin right now. Why? B'cos I get a lot of women who feel they cannot dress as stylish, b'cos they have hips, thighs and not a size 8. 
Well as u can see, that's simply not true. 
Let me introduce you to a concept that will be your new BFF ladies...capsule dressing. 
It is a small compact wardrobe that has many interchangeable pieces so that putting outfits together becomes a no brainer.
And last but not least, this is the perfect capsule wardrobe that you can BUILD and EXPAND upon. These are pieces that can be added to new pieces as you grow into your career.

The Body Con dress!
 I mean how can u NOT love this??
It's such an effortless dress and is one of the few dresses that truly makes you slimmer in all the right places with it's solid colour panels to pull IN and UP.
The extra treat is that its Affordable! Yep, this dress is from H&M!
A dress that pulls u together and keeps you standing up straight.
With a simple hidden zip in the back, you will have the dress on in 3 minutes tops.
The short sleeves takes care of any unsure muscle tone and a high neck takes care of the self conscious top heavy. 
The colour is amazing and it's not too LOUD for the work environment. 
You have to go out straight after work?
You need to catch a flight and go straight to the conference? 
Then this dress is your reach-out-and-snatch!
A no-brainer for those days that you're running out of time, this dress is for YOU. 
 MAKE-UP 9 to 5! Keep your Make-up simple.
Your make-up will be as thick as a blanket by the end of the day, b'cos of constant re-applications! 
So instead take care of your skin and wear a moisturising lip balm with a hint of colour. 
Maximise on eyeliner & Mascara to wake up your eyes & add some blusher to keep u looking fresh! 
That's it. 
Neutral nails are best, that way if they chip mid-week, it's not the end of the world and u can buff the edges until u have a chance to get them redone! Gel polishes are the best for your lifestyle b'cos they last for 2wks!

 Two ahmaaaaazing separates that you can rotate throughout your wardrobe the entire season. 
Midi skirts are very much on-trend and Kim Kardashian has brought the 'body' back to the forefront with a vengeance.
The full body snaps in at the crotch and is a great one-piece for the Autumn/Winter season. It will kept u warm and can be worn alone as shown above or you can wear any coloured jacket over it b'cos it's black. 
The body is from Wolford.
I guarantee you that you will have these bodies forever, the quality is exceptional and you'll have them for many more seasons to come. 
It's a great investment.  
Add a statement necklace and you're done.
The body can be worn with a high waisted skirt, trousers or under a dress that you might feel needs extra coverage. 
The skirt is WONDERFUL and is also bought from H&M. 
The skirt that HIDES all of your flaws. 
Cinches in at the waist and spills out generously around your thighs and hips. 
You can walk around the office knowing that you look great walking by THAT cute guy who just got hired knowing you'll look even better from the back!
Yes ladies, this skirt takes care of all the wiggly bits!
And it falls past the knee to give it that extra elegance and an Audrey Hepburn-esk look!
Very pretty, very simple, very CHIC!
 And with all that black, you can add a POP of colour to step it up a notch! 
When it comes to office wear, COMFORT is key.
So anything that makes you feel comfortable is fair game. 
So choose wisely, b'cos u have another 8 hours b4 your day is over. 
KITTEN HEELS are a safe bet for those who are used to wearing sneakers. It's an inch up and not too extreme. Also look for SQUARE toed pumps as opposed to pointed so u have more milage in the comfort department. 
Open toe sandals if it's allowed but make sure you always have a nice pedicure. Yes ladies, it's all in the details. 
 You can never ever go wrong with a pony tail, it's easy, time effective and always elegant.
You can have your pony tail high or low, 
what ever works for you and your outfit. 
You don't want your hair to catch on your zippers or anything, it will distract you from your work and bring unwanted attention, and not the good kind either! So think things through ok! 

 This dress is an investment that will take you to places you haven't even thought of!
No ironing, no zips, buttons or pulling over your fabulous/already done hair and make-up!
What more could u ask for?
Elegant and wraps you up in all the right places.
All sizes and shapes can step up and SNATCH one or 2 or 3!!
It's that simple, just wrap it around and you're out the door to face the world.
This dress is from DVF but as you very well know, there are many affordable versions out there on the high street. 
 Long nails are a no, no in the work place. 
It just doesn't look professional. 
Keep your nails relatively short. 
Jewellery should be simple enough and not over power the outfit.
I don't recommend fake eyelashes but, it's entirely up to you.
If they're very natural looking and not too long, then they should be ok. I say this for some of my friends who have sensitive eyes and cannot wear eyeliner every day. 

The Pussy Bow Blouse & Capri pants!
This is my casual Friday outfit which is still SUPER elegant.
The blouse is dressed up and the pants are super casual.
Up town meets Down town!
Great pieces to wear with other pieces in your wardrobe and really cool when you put on a tweed jacket with elbow patches.
It's a Friday and you're ready to go out and meet friends right after work.
Dinner or drinks, ok! Just undue the bow.
Not coming home? Wink, wink, 
Wear 'his' t-shirt the following day and enjoy your Saturday!
You don't have to rush home:)))
Capri pants are such a weekend gem. 
(Yep, been there, done that with my hubby, she laughs)

A winged eye-liner is all you really need. 
Beauty tip: 
Add some loose powder over your lipstick for that matte/Bridget Bardot finish!! Plus it will also last longer.
A very beautiful look for the office.

The POWER suit is actually an attitude! 
It's great for important business meetings! And it expresses exactly how u feel without saying a word! 
Every woman should have one! 

A great suit screams confidence.
This suit, surprise, surprise is actually from H&M
Shocking but true. Yes! U can look like a MILLION Bucks on a budget.
I took an Hermes scarf and turned that into a blouse.
(Look at the episode to find out how) 
It's a FANTASTIC way to step-up your outfit to the next level.
 The colour and mix of textures just makes this outfit so unique, feminine and powerful all rolled into one!
Again you can break this outfit up and wear the jacket with the blk 'Lady Boss" outfit.
The pink pussy bow blouse can be worn with the trousers and the waist coat can go over the Wolfor body and black trousers or black capri pants.
Right there, you have THREE extra outfits ready for the following week!
Style your hair in a low pony tail parted in the middle in front to add a feminine touch to the androgynous look.  
Nicely shaped eyebrows will open up your face.
Try and keep your eyebrows more thicker than thin as it will add a more youthful appearance. 


Try, Express, Gap, Club Monaco, Zara, H&M & Century 21.
Always look at the sales racks in the back for last seasons collections.
(Yep, I had a retail job when I was a struggling actress in LA)
Always ask for discounts & when collections are going on sale, you just never know.  

So just click over to my YouTube channel HERE and see the outfits come alive on Fumi Fashion & Beauty!
I guarantee that you'll find pieces/outfits that you'll love. 
Enjoy my FumiStars & pls don't forget to SHARE, LIKE SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & leave any REQUESTS!

Hugs & Kisses


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