Thursday, November 6, 2014


Alexander wang's Sporty collection he collaborated with H&M launched today! And I was up and about having a blast shopping and looking through the collection. 
First of all..........
I had no idea which H&M store I was going to go o shop the collection, my husband pointed out the capsule collection was going to be to at the H&M store in the Westfield Mall in Shepard's Bush :)))))
I screamed with joy!
Gray Scuba top.
I was totally surprised b'cos I had nooooooo idea The Wang collection would be at The Westfield Mall period.
So I casually went there this morning at around 9am, to find the smallest crowd outside any collaboration for H&M I've ever seen. We must have been about 50 people, if that.
No long lines, no stress and lots of happy shopping to look forward to. 

It was a major BLACK wardrobe affair but the MAGIC was in the textures/details which really kept it from being ordinary to absolutely extra ordinary.
A great collection that I was truly looking forward to and wasn't disappointed at all.
This was the line and and as u can see nothing very different from what I saw at Oxford Circus on line and in the papers.
I wanted to share with you for the next H&M collaboration, simply come to The Westfield Mall at Shepard's Bush & have a great shopping experience :)))

So what did I get?

I didn't go crazy, well as u can see I got the Scuba top in grey.
I got this black top and wasn't sure about it until I tried it on.
O....M....G! ....FANTABULOUS! 
I intend to wear it with a fabulous Black or white pencil skirt just to POP it off! And If you've been following me, you'll know that I'm not too crazy about black but this top was absolutely off the chain!!!
It also zips up in the back,  WOWZA! cannot wait to wear it for u guys. 

And the 3rd & final piece I got was this beautiful Sports bra.
Very Herve Lerger-ish. 
Even more beautiful up close as this was an 
I'm going to really be creative with this one as I know my husband will NOT let me out any door with just this on, she laughs,
So I'm going to look of a sheer/mesh high neck/long sleeve top and wear the SPORTS BRA over it:))
Just wait until I put it together, I promise u it will look good. 
So what's happening in my life?
Well as one niece left me to go back to Bergen, Norway, two came to visit me from New York:))) These two cookies are my sisters children and she came along with them to wonderful London.
We've been having the time of our lives and I just want life to stand still right now so I can take it all in.
There's nothing like family and I only have one sister, so it's always great times.
Ole & the girls at The Westfield Mall.

Yep! My life is good & I'm very happy & grateful indeed.