Tuesday, November 11, 2014


.....& The woman that I've become :)))))

It takes time to grow into ones self. As I look back at all of my mistakes and lessons, my journey from a girl into a woman and I'm sooooooo happy to have become the woman I wanted to be growing up. There's always room for improvement and there in itself lies the adventure.

F.D.V 2 D.V.F.
Diane was in London last week to sign her new book and memoirs "The woman I wanted to be"
It's a fantastic read and I've been wearing her wrap dresses for years. 
She also has another book called "The journey of a dress". 
And as if that's not enough Diane now has a Reality show called 'The House of DVF" which premiered last week in the UK to rave reviews.
You can watch it at 9pm on Tuesdays on E!.
The show is about 10 young girls in New York City who compete to become the DVF global brand Ambassador. 
One things for sure, there's going to be AHMAaaaaazing fashion. 
Dress - DVF
Earrings my husband made
Necklace - from a store in Miami
High heeled sandals - Valentino
Fragrance - Private Collection by Estée Lauder
Nail polish - in Gold by Essie
Toe Polish - Called Snap by Marc Jacobs
Location - Roof top of my building.
(Love this place so much)
Attitude - A sense of freedom, confidence & joy :)))
When I look into the mirror, I like what I see, I love the person who looks back at me and I laugh with her and want to hang out with her all day long.
She's absolutely crazy, fun loving, a loyal friend, quick tempered, a homebody, restless, stylish, funny, brave, courageous, generous, loud, very sensitive, confident, impatient, survivor, resilient, joyful, has gotten older, loving, childish, kind........
 and above all, I've never, ever met anyone like her. 


Photo Credit @ Ole Desalu-vold
Thank you darling for turning me into a Wife & Best friend.
Love u.