Tuesday, November 11, 2014



This picture was taken just opposite Buckingham Palace

Ronke is my younger sister and my very BEST friend when it comes to the women in my life.
Once opon a time we both lived in Manhattan, NYC, but as life took us in directions, as it should, (She married an American & I married a European) We've valued each other so very much more in our lives. She's the ONLY other female on this green earth that I trust and has my back.
Sisters are precious and I'm so glad to have another female who understands me and has known you your whole life. 
She's the absolute opposite of me in every way and I can comfortably say the better of the two.
She's also a September 11th Survivor.....
.........so u can imagine the GRATITUDE I feel every day and thank God for showing our family mercy. 
Anyway on a lighter note:)
She came to visit us in London for a way-too-short-a-week! 
And of course we had an absolute blast.
I went to bed every night at 4am b'cos we were busy gossiping and catching up.
My nieces are the joys of my life and it so crazy and heart warming to see the same mannerisms in them that my sister has and an even bigger shocker some mannerisms from me in them.
Yep, I see a Super Model in the works!!!!
It's all in the blood I guess, she laughs. 
Anyway here are some pictures of our time together. 
Words speak a million words so I'm not going to say much more.

London Eye

London Busride through the City

Oxford Street

Stake house & our lovely waiter :))))

Marks & Spencer
Just look at them......in my bed no less:)))))

There's absolutely nothing like family.
Ronke and I really bond over the fact that unlike many families we live far away from home. 
All we have is each other and so it makes these time together priceless.
Every year when we catch up, we're a little older and the girls are a little taller.
It's life & we get it, but it never gets easier as we approach the airport and the tears start rolling own of cheeks. 
I love you more than I will ever find the words to express.