Tuesday, November 11, 2014



A few weeks ago Johan Crianza and Just Cavalli Club, Milano threw the most fantastic Dinner and party at ONDA restaurant in Oslo, Norway this past weekend.  
The theme of the party was the BUTTERFLY and the masks given to all of the guests as they walked into the magnificent room for the event was personally designed by Roberto Cavalli himself.

I was flown in from London as the Event Hostess of the evening which was such an honour.
Onda is an architectural landmark at Aker Brygge, located next to the sea of the Oslo fjord.
 Dress your face!
 @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow pomade in Ebony. 
Brow bone in Amber lights @maccosmetics BIG smokey eye in Carbon by @maccosmetics
Contoured my face with Pro Conceal & correct palette also by maccosmetics 
Blusher by @narsissist in Exhibit A. 
Lashes by @houseoflashes in Noir fairy. 
Lip gloss in Brownie by @imancosmetics
Body bronzer @blackUp cosmetics 

I put my hair in a pony tail as I knew that I'd be working all night and did't need any unnecessary distractions. :))
The BIG boys came out to play, MASERATI was one of the sponsors of the evening. 
It was an amazing event and it was such a great feeling to be back in my adopted home to see friends and family again. 
There's absolutely nothing better than doing what you love, truly. 
And when the job is so close to your heart, it's an added bonus. 
Earrings - H&M
Faux fur - Zara
Watch - Hermes
(I normally would have kept my arms clean of any jewellery/watches with a dress like this, but I was hosting the event and timing is everything.
I'm looking for a beautiful pocket watch in place of this.
As It looks like I'm going to be super busy, which is a good thing yes!)
Dress - Stella McCartney
Bag - Chanel
High heels - Jimmy Choo


The entertainment 4 the evening...
Special guests where flown in from all over the world who mingled with International celebrities. 
The red carpet was a fashion show of the latest collections from SS2015, Joan Rivers would have loved to be there.

Getting warmed up and answering some questions for
 VIP Television.
I never get nervous when I work, It's always exciting and I always feel the night goes too fast. 

There's nothing better than to have a celebrity who humble, entertaing, charming and funny .....Amaury is all of those things and more.
He was very honoured to be a special guest and this is what he told me during his interview.
"It's a pleasure to be here and getting time to spend with the people from Norway and especially you Fumi, I'm humbled for the love of the Norwegian people towards me"
Actor Amaury Nolasco has guest-starred in various television series such as Arli$$, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and ER. His first role on a feature film was in Takeshi Kitano's Brother, along others as "Orange Julius" in Universal's 2 Fast 2 Furious. He then went on to co-star opposite Bernie Mac in Mr. 3000.
Nolasco's additional television and film credits include guest-starring roles on George LopezCSI: NY and The Benchwarmers. He also appeared on Mind of Mencia as a guest on Sunday, April 29, 2007. He also starred in the movie adaptation of the Transformers, released during the summer of 2007. Director Michael Bay offered him to return to the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but he declined due to scheduling conflicts. His most high-profile role was Prison Break.
Don't worry guys Ole took the pic, as u all know I'm very happily married, this is just work, she laughs. 

Alex with Entourage, Actor Adrian Grenier.

As the evening turned into night time the dance floor was jam packed with guests and celebrities alike gyrating on the dance floor thanks to the amazing DJ Alex Merrell  who is truly about the music, making her one of the most sought after DJs for high profile events and top venues internationally. 
Doing what she does best with those KILLER looks.
Love u Alex. xoxo
Alex with Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Alex needs no introduction a her body of work speaks of herself.
At first glance one would think she was a super model, but her gift is in her ears and fingers.
Thank you Alex for turning Oslo upside down on its head, Happily so with some of the most fabulous dance tunes I've heard in a loooooooong time.
B'cos of you, Ole & I didn't go home until 4am :))))

Johan Crianza with his beautiful fianc√© Benedicte Nilsen to the left.
Johan giving his beautiful speech. 

Johan Cranza is by far one of the most charismatic men I know.
He's BORN for entertaining and is such a good and generous heart.
He forgets nobody's name and always has time for everyone.
He fills a room with so much joy and laughter it's hard not to surround yourself with his magic in hopes that some of the STAR QUALITY will fall off on you.
I think it's that fantastic Dominican Republican heart that he has.
A business man and the Owner/Director of Crianza WinePort Johan travels all over the world in search of the very best wine.
THANK YOU again Johan for a sensational evening my friend.

With my darling friend/sister Chiyu, whom I love so very much.
Her daughter is my light and our husbands are friends.
It was so GREAT to see her again and I MISS her every day. 
 The milk in my Coffee.
It's always great when we travel together.
This was supper special, b'cos I want Ole to be really proud of me and see what I a good job I did with his people.
It means absolutely everything to me b'cos Ole is Norwegian.
It's one of the reasons I learnt his language.
It's sounds super different she laughs b'cos I speak it with and Africa/American accent, laughing again. 
But it's good enough to speak to the crown and they totally understand me. :))
With my friends, Henke Sjefen & Tatiana V. Pettersen.

With the fabulous Super Model & Actress, Natalie Rush 

A fine selection of Cavalli drinks and wine was served with the three course meal while guests were entertained by American songstress and songwriter, Rebecca Kingsley. 

With one of Oslo's MOST famous and successful restaurateur
 & friend, Mr Navaz Virani who attended the party with his beautiful wife Mitra.
They own the sensational MONA LISA  Restaurant House.
A favourite amongst celebrities and the JetSet.
The place to be seen and enjoy great food and wine.
Below is a picture of the main restaurant. 
Please click below to make all of your up coming Seasons reservations. 


With Johan Crianza and Actor & friend, Juan Pablo.

The fabulous four, 
Amaury, Mabel K Christian Godoy, JP &
 the ever gorgeous Model, Sandra Enger. 

Producer Harley Hanson and Socialite Edna Falao

With my babycakes. xoxo

With my good friend, Svetlana Forgeau. It was so great to see u darling. xoxoxo

Pablo Kheiry
Pablo with actor Amaury Nolasco
Behind any great/successful event is a fantastic even planner and the award goes to Pablo Kheiry who is the CEO of Nordic Breeze, Scandinavia.
He tirelessly stitched this event together over the course of 3 months working night and day as he over saw this great event coming together.
To plan any event is challenging in itself not to talk of handling talent from all over the world and speaking at the very least, THREE different languages so that everybody understands!
Thank you Pablo, it was a great event.
Ladies and gentlemen if your looking to have a wonderful event, look no further than NORDIC BREEZE to turn it into a magical evening. 

Zahid Shah, Harley Hanson & Cesar Rahber 
Zahid Shah and Cesar Rahber are Media moguls & CEO's who own  VIP Magazine and only just recently pumped up the volume and launched VIP TV! 
Yep, these guys are GAME-CHANGERS and I'm so honoured to have have them as friends as well as working together in the future on some really exciting projects. 
VIP TV interviewed all the international celebrities of the evening as they walked in to the magnificent party.

Cesar Rahber is only half of the power-couple as his wife and friend, beautiful Super-Model body, Sonena Rahber is a very successful business woman in her own right with the LATEST-MUST- HAVE-LATEST FASHION BOUTIQUES POPING 
up all over Norway!
Wow, Victoria Beckham, you had better watch out, there's a new Fashionista in town and every body loves her:))))))

Andrea Gallesi 
Andrea Galeesi to the right was the representation for Roberto Cavalli night club in Milano.
He is the absolute GO-TO guy when you want to have fantastic night time experience in the beautiful Italian capital.
Below are pictures of the sensational club and celebrities that have had unforgettable good times there.
You can trust Andrea to give you a VIP treatment and who know, maybe the wonderful Roberto Cavalli might show up to sweep on to the dance floor!!!!!!
ALICIA KEYS w/ Roberto
Dita Von Teese
I'm completely & totally in LOVE with these chairs and I want them in my house!!!

ANYWAY, Guys that's it until next year!
Tusen, tusen takk my friends in Norway an I'll see u all again.
You guys really outdid yourselves.
Love u. 
Yes, Norwegians now how to throw a great party.
It was an electrifying evening that will not be forgotten easily. 
It was also great to be back in my second home again. 

All pictures taken by OLE DESALU-VOLD.