Saturday, December 27, 2014


It's a BARBIE Life! 

The second I got this Barbie Moschino iPhone case, I was inspired to do a barbie doll make-up look. 
And then b4 I knew it, I was in Barbie doll mode and decided to go shopping for more make-up and see the sights in my lovely city, London.
It was a really fun day and it was great going in & out of character. 
There wasn't a single young girl, who didn't stop to stare, touch and/or smile.
One of them even wanted to take me home! Awwww.
I felt like Tyra Banks's character in the movie she did with Lindsay Lohan called Life-Size
And guess who was my life size Ken? 
Yep, u guessed it, ......Ole.
Thank you darling for taking me out for a very, very fun day, I had an absolute blast!
Enjoy this pics my loves as this is my last blog post for 2014 and Happy holidays. 

Green body - Wolford
Leather body brace - TopShop
Blue Beauty case - Anna Dello Russo 4 H&M
kilt - Glasgow, Scotland
Boots - Anna Dello Russo 4 H&M
The above pictures were taken at BOOTS!
Love, love, loooooove BOOTS, so many beauty products and other goodies. 
To really capture the Barbie-doll look, I used top & bottom lashes.
I also added a pair of hazel contacts and Voila!!!
I'm so sorry I didn't do a YT tutorial on this, but I'll do it again some time next year, maybe in Spring. 

This is one of my favourite drugs stores of all time, 
If I don't find what I'm looking for in Boots, Super Drug will definitely have it, and 99 times out of a 100, it's on sale too. Smiling.

2014 was a good year, of course it had it's twists and turns and it's 
ups & downs, 
but for the great majority it was a year that steadily gravitated towards bigger & better.
I laughed a lot this year, started my YT channel, moved house, had my family visit from both Norway & New York, visited Dubai, had friends visit from LA, visited family in Scotland, became a God mother...again:)))), went back home to Oslo, filmed two episodes of the TV show 24 and grew one year older with the absolute love of my life & heart beat Ole who was by my side to see it all.

Photo -Credit - Ole Desalu-Vold.