Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 A little something this week for BOTH the boys and the girls. 

Skin Care is EVERYTHING & the @foreo ‪#‎lunamini‬ has answered our prayers. 
This week is all about my MINI-ME :))))
My LUNA MINI that is, she smiles. 
I cannot get enough of this light weight, hand held facial cleansing device that has done WONDERS for my open pores! 
Well, actually they're not as open anymore. The Luna Mini has taken care of all of that. (Hands in the air)
And then sit back and enjoy your Wednesday treat on this review and demo of this beautiful facial cleansing device. 
It's light weight, travel friendly and it has a smooth 'n' soft unique silicone touch. It's ultra gentle deep cleaning approach helps gives your skin an instant refresh look and makes the skin feels smooth. 
It's good for ALL skin types & the best thing about it is that you can also use it or add it to your current skin care products and skin care routine. 
You don't need to replace anything because it compliments the skin care techniques you already use. 
There's also the Luna men, that is catered to the unique needs of a mans skin. 
And to top it off, the Luna is also an anti ageing device with a ribbed edge on the other side of the luna.
A little magic in the palm of your hand. :)
It is now your faces' new BEST friend. I promise you'll thank me later. 

Just click the video below and enjoy :)

Produced by Ole Desalu-Vold