Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review | Clip-in hair extensions from |

Hello my loves, 
I want to share a secret, I've been loving and getting so many compliments on my super long GLAM hair that I felt bad  4 not sharing. 
These are actually Clip-in extensions from 
They were so kind to send me a full head of 20inch hair to review and of course I have some good news for you too. 
Just go to their website and get 10% OFF anything you like with this code, YTB10%
And wait for it, if you spend over a $100, you get not 10% but 15% OFF!!!!
Yes my loves, so enjoy this early episode for the week (There will be no episode on Wednesday) and then RUN to for a fabulous look for the new Autumn/fall season. 

Click to watch below.

Smiling & waving to you all. 

Produced by 
Ole DesaluVold