Thursday, January 28, 2016

My all time TOP 5 Favourite Fragrances

Hello darlings, 

Without seeing him or her, you know they were there by the scent they left to linger. We smell each other on borrowed clothes, bed sheets, towels & even strangers passing by. We compliment each other by asking "what are you wearing?, It smells wonderful" We're reminded of our childhood by fragrances our parents wore and we in turn buy for ourselves just to cherish the memories. No matter the occasion, gifting a person with perfume is always a good idea & always considered a luxury!Yes my darlings, this week's episode is all about fragrance.
F L O W E R  B O M B

I'll be showcasing my favourite 5 that I've worn throughout my life and are always a staple throughout the year no matter the season. 

Smiling & waving to you all.