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Fumi Desalu-Vold is a Model, Actress, Television Host and Fashion blogger of West African origin, born in Moscow, Russia.
She first started her blog in 2011 in January, calling the blog GlamourGirl which was later changed to Fumi's Fashion Files,
reaching more that 50,000 followers today.
In January 2012, she set up a facebook page of the same name. 
Her blog was an opportunity to write down all of her experiences as well as adding pictures from a career that has spanned 20+ yrs.
Fashion is so much more than the "big four" fashion weeks, which she modeled in for over 15yrs. 
Fumi has lived a kind of nomadic lifestyle between, 
Moscow and Scotland, 
Scotland and Nigeria, 
Nigeria and Gambia,
Gambia and London, 
London and New York, 
New York and Los Angeles, 
Los Angeles and Bergen-Norway, 
Bergen and Oslo, Norway 
and now, 
between London, Norway and New York. 
Her multicultural background has exposed her to various lifestyles and different attitudes towards fashion, and strengthened her motherland ties and her pride in being an African.
She says, "everything that I have done or have been exposed to be it, film, music, travel etc, 
my foundation has always been fashion! 
When you think about it, 
we style films, music videos, television shows, photo-shoots,'s all FASHION!
She says "It's what I loved first as a little girl before I ever became a model or an actress,
I just really loved fashion, this is why I consider my blog my baby b'cos it's an expression of myself & how I interpret things. I derive a lot of joy in having complete creative control".
Apart from her vast experience as a model and actress, Fumi has worked in visual merchandising for such brands as Tods, Louis Vuitton, 
Tiffany & Co, Versace and Tommy Hillfiger.
She has a trained eye for high fashion 
and luxury goods.
With a degree in business administration, she intends to build her own brand the best way it represents her and find a niche in the industry that is unique to her aesthetic.
She doesn't believe fashion is an individual entity, if you look closely, it's linked to history and culture which makes it all the more appealing. 
It pricks ones curiosity  to travel to different parts of the world where these trends are inspired from, which ultimately educates you, becoming more cultured and open minded. 
This is a fact.
Ask any model and they'll tell you that the traveling was the most valuable and priceless experience in their career.
Fumi is especially keen on the design inspired by African aesthetics as a whole, since Africa is a Continent and NOT a country.
She considers all 53 African Countries within the Continent a great platform and a never ending inspiration that the world has not fully had the opportunity of being exposed to because these Countries are all so incredibly different.
Which make it terribly exciting.
Fumi is being conscious of her African heritage, and tends to make her blog unique and genuine by specializing herself in 
African-inspired fashion with ethnic motifs 
blended with western styles bringing an exotic feel to it, which has become more and more appealing today.
This was evident in all the fashion weeks for Spring/Summer 2012.
 Fumi is exploring the best up-and-coming talent and fashion from Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, The Gambia, Senegal, The Caribbean islands, Dubai, Tokyo, India etc.
She considers herself to be very cosmopolitan and learns new things every day .
Fumi is the International Fashion Correspondent to Norway from the Palm Springs Fashion Council, USA.
She says "living in Norway for example, has given me so much inspiration that I wouldn't have been exposed to, had I not moved here, and that has peeked my interest to discover Scandinavia as a whole". 
Fumi have very recently relocated to London:-)
Life is always full of wonderful surprises, 
she says.
Fumi ultimately hopes to bring all of her travel expeditions & fashion explorations live to your living rooms with a television show!